From the producers of A PERFECT MAN, a paranoid thriller in the spirit of 70's movies like MARATHON MAN and  THE CONVERSATION






A middle-aged, financially struggling man is looking for work two years after suffering a burn-out. He gets hired by a mysterious employer to transcribe phone-tapped conversations, which propels him into the heart of a large-scale political plot and gets him trapped in the French secret services underworld. 

The plot is inspired by the Lebanon hostage crisis in 1983-84 where three French people were kidnapped and their release was allegedly withheld by the government so that it would benefit presidential candidate Jacques Chirac, who was then Prime Minister. 

THE EAVESDROPPER marks the feature directorial debut of Thomas Kruithof, who previously helmed the short RETENTION (UNDOCUMENTED), winner of Unifrance’s best short film prize in Cannes. 


Directed by Thomas Kruithof

Written by Thomas Kruithof & Yann Gozlan (A Perfect Man)

Starring François Cluzet (The Intouchables, Tell No One) 

Alba Rohrwacher (Tales of Tales, Taj Mahal, I Am Love)

Denis Podalydès (Hidden, The Da Vinci Code)

Sami Bouajila (The Crew, Beautiful Lies, Days of Glory)

Simon Abkarian (Overdrive, The Cut, Zero Dark Thirty, Casino Royale) 

In French, in production

Theatrical release in France by Océan Distribution