Inside The Cell


Director:Nicolas Boukhrief

Cast:Malik Zidi, Dimitri Storoge, François Civil, Ahmed Dramé

  • french

Running time:89min.

  • france

Year of production:2015


Sam is an investigative journalist who infiltrated Islamist circles in the Paris suburbs a few months ago in order to write an article. In the course of his investigation he has approached a group of four particularly enthusiastic young fanatics who plan to go abroad to do Jihad. But when Laurent / Hassan, their leader (a converted French) returns from Pakistan’s trainings camps where he was making contacts, things change: they now have for mission to create a terrorist cell in France to prepare a series of attacks…
When Sam warns the DCRI, they ask him to stay undercover among this group to identify Hassan’s superior. Starts a race against the clock, dangerous but necessary to neutralize the entire organization…

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