Looking For Leila


Director:Naidra Ayadi

Cast:Roschdy Zem, Natacha Krief, Darina Al Joundi, Camille Aguilar, Doria Achour, Faycal Safi

  • french

French release Mars Distribution

Production: Nolita

Running time:80min.

  • france

Year of production:2018


A moving father-daughter relationship based on a best- selling novel.

When Hakim’s eldest daughter Leila, who lives in Paris, cancels her visit for the holidays, his wife urges him to act and bring her back. But Hakim and Nedjma quickly understand that Leila lied and never worked as a hairdresser in the city. They embark on a journey in the Paris night underworld and discover the dark secrets of Leila’s new life…

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