Lost In Armenia


Director:Serge Avedikian

Cast:Patrick Chesnais, Arsinée Khanjian, Robert Harutyunyan

  • armenian
  • french

Running time:90min.

  • france

Year of production:2016


Jean-Paul Bolzec went to perform his show for a French company located in Azerbaijan.

After the performance, on the way back to the airport, the taxi breaks down. Bolzec is abandonned on a desert road, in the middle of nowhere. Without realizing it, he crosses the border into Armenia. A latent war has existed for years between the two countries.

A clandestine person in a country he doesn’t know, whose language he doesn’t speak, and whose alphabet he doesn’t understand, Bolzec quickly understands that he has been mistaken for someone else, because people celebrate his arrival like the Second Coming.

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