The Night Eats The World

Director:Dominique Rocher

Cast:Anders Danielsen Lie, Golshifteh Farahani, Denis Lavant

  • english

French release Haut et Court

U.S. release Blue Fox Entertainment

Production: Haut et Court

Running time:98min.

  • france

Year of production:2018


The producers of the acclaimed hit series THE RETURNED are back with a new tale of survival amongst zombies, putting together an international cast which recently starred in many Cannes titles, and surrounding a talented upcoming director with an experienced FX crew.

One morning, waking up in an apartment where only the night before a party was raging, Sam is forced to come to grips with reality: he is now alone and the living dead have infested the streets of Paris.
Petrified with fear, Sam is going to have to barricade himself inside the building and organize his survival. But is he really the sole survivor?

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