A gorgeous and stylish psychological thriller in the vein of EYES WIDE SHUT and BLACK SWAN

Sadie, a young novelist, runs into Alex, a wealthy lover from her past, and the only one who ever satisfied her carnal desires. Both travelling in Italy, they become mesmerized by Francesca, a beautiful club dancer. The three of them decide to spend a weekend at a mountain villa. But Sadie is haunted by perverse and violent visions and gets trapped in a dangerous game of lust and betrayal.

Directed by: Craig Goodwill / Written by: Brian Clark
Produced by: Mike Macari, Neil Dunn, Craig Goodwill & Brian Dreyfuss
Cast: Analeigh Tipton, Jakob Cedergren, Marta Gastini, Jan Bijvoet
Running time: 84 min. / Language: English


Erotic, Thriller