With its razor-sharp dialogue, breathless action, themes of true love and wicked humor, a stylish romantic thriller in the vein of Bonnie & Clyde and True Romance.

Seven, a high-end drug dealer, has his game perfected. His life revolves around trust-fund clients, model parties, and crazed drug-fueled escapades. A perfect setup that he shares with Maddie, the yin to his yang and soulmate. Until a long lost childhood friend of Seven appears out of nowhere and asks for help with a sketchy deal. Against his better judgment, Seven accepts for old times’ sake, unaware that it will set off an irreversible chain of events where no one is spared and everyone is to blame.

Directed by Jouri Smit
Written by Seth Miller
Produced by David Atrakchi (Frank & Lola), Jouri Smit, Jay Van Hoy (The Lighthouse), Jonathan Bronfman (The Witch), Dillon D.Jordan (Bodied), Zachery Ty Bryan
Executive Producer: Ludovic Pailloncy, Alida Pailloncy, WTFilms
Cast: Daniel Zovatto (Here and Now, It Follows, Don’t Breathe), Sophie Turner (Game of Thrones, X-Men), Darrell Britt-Gibson (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, New Jersey, 20th  entury Women), Matias Varela (Narcos)
Language: English

Delivery: Early 2019



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