A beautiful trip to the Arctic World ready for a winter 2019 release.

Little Caribou is a mischievous young girl with a vivid imagination and a grand sense of adventure. She spends her days on the Arctic ice fishing with her older and serious brother Soema. When one of her usual daydreams is rudely interrupted by a very real polar bear, she finds refuge inside a massive iceberg with her playful husky pup Tromso. There, she discovers a surreal aquarium-like world containing an endless supply of marine life in huge tanks.
She encounters a lot of interesting creatures and also the keepers of the iceberg: the mysterious ice goblins. But will she manage to ever make it back to her home ?
This is the directorial debut of Barry O’Donoghue, a respected artist who worked on The Iron Giant and Osmosis Jones.
With a visual style close to Ernest & Celestine and a universe not unlike Song of the Sea, Little Caribou aims to be an adventure for the whole family.

Written & Directed by Barry O’Donoghue
Produced by Barley Films (Annie Awards nomination for the short Boys Night Out)
Language: English

Delivery: Winter 2019


Animation, NEW