From Cannes selected director Xavier Durringer comes an intense look at the gangster life in paradisiac Thailand.

After a heist in Paris, five friends live the good life in Phuket : beautiful girls, swimsuits and Havaianas on their feet every day. They own and run go go bars, beach restaurants, hotels and clubs. They were nothing in France, now they’re kings in Thailand.
Until Mehdi (Sami Bouajila), who was left behind at their last job and considered the meanest of them all, is released from prison after 15 years of silence protecting them.
Now he arrives in Phuket to meet his brother and friends. But mostly to get his long-awaited share. The problem is, there’s no share left. That’s when Mehdi decides to turn their paradise into hell.

Shot on locations where no cameras were ever allowed before, and boasting some of the biggest French rap stars on the soundtrack and on the screen, Paradise Beach will take you for a ride with a new generation of criminals.

Written & Directed by Xavier Durringer (The Conquest, Chok-Dee)
Produced by Isaac Sharry (Paris Follies, Thank You for Calling), Bruno Petit (Calm at Sea) and Philippe Aigle (Adama, Funny Games, I’m Not There)
Cast: Sami Bouajila (The Eavesdropper, The Crew), Tewfik Jallab (Back to Burgundy, Fast Convoy), Hugo Becker (The Assault), Melanie Doutey (The Connection), Hubert Kounde (La Haine), Kool Shen, Dosseh Dorian N’Goumou, Seth Gueko
Language: French