THUNDER (2022)

THUNDER (2022)


Summer 1900, Switzerland.
Elisabeth, 17, is about to take her vows when the sudden death of her older sister forces her to leave the convent and return to the family farm. Stifled by the suffocating and strict rules of the village, walking in her sister’s step to uncover the mystery of her death, Elisabeth is slowly driven to rebel against the local order and for her right to live her life.

Original title: Foudre

Director: Carmen Jaquier

Producer: Close Up Films (Madeleine Collins, The Swallows of Kabul)

Cast: Lilith Grasmug (The Passengers of the Night, Bloody Oranges), Noah Watzlawick, Benjamin Python, Mermoz Melchior, Sabine Timoteo

Country of production: Switzerland

Language: French

Runtime: 92 min.



Coming-Of-Age, LIBRARY, Period drama