Tel Aviv Beirut

Director:Michale Boganim

Cast:Sofia Essaïdi, Sarah Adler, Shlomi Elkabetz, Zalfa Seurat

  • arabic
  • english
  • french

Running time:98min.

Year of production:2022


In 2000, as the Hezbollah organization takes over Lebanon, Yossi, a Lebanese soldier, helps his friend Fouad to flee the country in order to avoid punishment, as he’s been working against them for 16 years. Fouad takes refuge in Israel with his daughter, Tanya. A few years later, a new war breaks out in Lebanon, causing tensions at the Israeli border. Yossi’s wife, Myriam, decides to go there and asks for Tanya’s help to look for their soldier son, who hasn’t given sign of life since then. This journey will allow the two women to share their sorrows and heal together.

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